Kuroneko Sabo - Foods

*** Foods ***   (The curry and cake are gluten-free.)

Curry & Drink Set is discounted by 200 yen from all drink price.

Chicken Curry & Drink Set
(Curry, Rice, special Salad, your favorite Drink)   Well-balanced mild and spicy, made from chicken, vegetables and homemade yogurt. This healthy Indian style curry is not added wheat, soup stock cream or butter.

Seasonal Vegetable Curry & Drink Set
(Curry, Rice, special Salad, your favorite Drink)   Perfect for vegetarians and who need more vegetables. Made from Seasonable Domestic produces all the year around. The broth is very rich flavor from lots of vegetables and it is mixed with grateful balanced spices.

Half & Half Curry & Drink Set
(Curry, Rice, special Salad, your favorite DrinkDrink)   Enjoy half portions of Chicken and Vegetable curry at once.

Chicken Curry  (with rice&salad) 1500yen
Seasonal Vegetable Curry  (with rice&salad) 1600yen
Half & Half Curry  (with rice&salad) 1550yen

*** Light Meal ***  Please Order with a Drink

Special Cheese Toast 600yen
Emmenthal and Gouda cheese, Mozzarella cheese on baguette. Light and crispy texture of cheese toasts are great for a snack.

Special Cheese Toast & KURONEKO Salad 880yen
Cheese Toast with KURONEKO Salad(Green Lettuce, Boilled Egg, Macaroni, Tomato, etc.)

Mixed Salad (Large) 800yen
egg, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sunny lettuce, olives, coconut, raisins, pumpkin seed, etc. This large size of salad is full of colors

*** Original Cake ***  Please Order with a Drink

Gateau chocolat 550yen
A chocolate cake of the bitter taste that I baked with moisture. It matches coffee well.

Gateau fromage    550yen
Creamy, refreshing taste. Rare cheesecake of the type that I baked it. Use of homemade yogurt.