Kuroneko Sabo - Other drinks

*** Tea *** iced(+50yen)

Darjeeling 600yen
The best grade tea leaf "Special Darjeeling", floral and fresh flavor. Enjoy as straight tea.

Assam 600yen
It is characterized by its mellow, rich, rich, sweet taste and mellow aroma.

Earl Gray 700yen
This black tea is made from organic Darjeeling and scented with bergamot. It has a rich aroma and a long-lasting aftertaste.

Rose Tea 700yen
Damask roses picked from our garden blended with Darjeeling. This special tea brings you feel luxury. Enjoy scentful our garden roses.

Royal Milk Tea 750yen
Used generous amount of milk and heavy cream. Enjoy well-balanced milk tea.

Masala Chai 730yen
ndian milk tea, cooked with stone milled spices and domestic ginger. Perfect sweetness by organic millet sugar matches spices. This milk tea's been popular since we opened Curry house "Gamesha"(previous restaurant ).

Herb Tea 600yen
Organic herb tea. Used enriched Vitamin C from Rose hip, Hibiscus and Orange & Lemon peels. Enjoy brightly-Red colored mild acidity original blended tea.

*** Cocoa/Milk *** iced(+50yen)

Chocola 780yen
We make by order, so it takes about 15 minutes to serve. Rich taste and aroma from high quality of cocoa. This drink is for a chocolate lover especially a grown-up! It is good as Iced chocolate drink as well.

Milk 650yen
High quality of Raw milk used only with Canadian honey. This comfort sweetness brings you happiness. *Please let us know if you do not like honey.

*** Juice/Soda ***

Grape Juice (100% natural juice) 750yen
A pulpy taste of squeezed Shinshu grapes. Enjoy the rich sweetness of red grapes with high polyphenol and anthocyanin content. Additive-free

Cassis Soda (Sugar Free) 700yen
Soda mix with Cassis (Blackcurrant) confiture (Jam) which is rich of Polyphenol and Vitamin C. Beautiful burgundy colored soda.

*** Alcohol ***  We only can accept alcohol orders with meal orders. Please enjoy as an aperitif or at meals.


Hoegaarden White (Belgium)  920yen
Fruity and refreshing taste created by the combination of orange peel and coriander seed.

Heineken (Netherlands)  770yen
A lager beer with strong carbonation, a refreshing throat, bitterness, richness, and a fruity aroma.


Zeller Schwarze Katz Pri Katz Q.b.A. (White 250ml)) 1530yen