Kuroneko Sabo - Coffee menu

*** Hot Coffee ***

Blend coffee    (Enjoy our Blended Coffee which is Full body and Rich Flavor.)

Kea 600yen
Strong type of Rich Flavored Coffee. Well-Balanced both of Bitterness and Sweetness. Dark Roasted.

Noir 600yen
There is not only Caf? au lait is French Style. Enjoy our strong black coffee with a Demitasse cup. Makes only 80cc of coffee from 20g of beans.This Coffee is good for who loves Strong taste.

Demitasse 600yen
Extracted of first rich dripped, makes only 60cc of coffee from 20g of beans. This is the best part of dripped coffee. Rich and sweet, also deep aroma. Enjoy as Black coffee, with sugar and/or cream as well.

Straight coffee
   (Lighter roasted than Blended coffee. Enjoy each bean of flavor, aroma, taste and uniqueness.)

Mocha Mattari 800yen
A classic Mocha from Yemen. It has a rich, sweet aroma with a round flavour featuring soft acid notes. With its glimpses of complex characteristics, this is a Mocha to be savoured.

Tanzania Kilimanjaro 700yen
From the Kilimanjaro Ranges of Tanzania. A sweet, floral aroma and a fine flavour along with a fresh citrus tang superbly complement the depth and bitter notes of this coffee. Its clean aftertaste and rich flavour make it an excellent representative of African coffees.

Columbia Superemo 700yen
This mild coffee has a sweet aroma with a fine, smooth flavour. An aging process gives the beans their characteristic depth and sweetness.

Brazilian Santos No. 2 700yen
We use only choice sundried beans of mellow flavour. A carefully chosen level of bitterness and depth complemented by a a balance of acid and sweet notes give this coffee its superb taste.

Sumatra Mandarin 700yen
A type of Arabica bean from Indonesia. A profound depth of flavour, deep but rounded bitterness and the strong aroma characteristic of Mandelin beans define this coffee's character. Its flavour is also notably low in acidity.

Mandarin (Dark Roast) 700yen
This is the best method to have Mandarin. Enjoy Full bodied, rich aroma and sharpness, also sweetness.

*We also have a "straight coffee of the day". Please check the blackboard menu or ask the staff*

Coffee Beverages

 Cafe Au Lait 650yen
French Roasted Mandarin is great combination with milk. Full-bodied and rich aroma.

Einspaenner (Vienna coffee) 700yen
Enjoy the harmony of the interplay between bitter coffee and fresh cream. Coarse sugar in the bottom of a cup.

Cappuccino 750yen
To rich coffee, we add not the standard foamed milk but rather the more traditional fresh cream to make this rich capuccino. Stir in the sugar at the bottom of the cup with the provided cinnamon stick to adjust the sweetness to your taste and enjoy!

Cafe Creme 750yen
Generous amount of milk with organic millet sugar and whipped cream. Used rich flavored bitter blended beans

Honey Cafe Con Leche 780yen
Four layered of Canadian honey, milk, coffee and steamed milk. Mix well and enjoy.

☆The following Four items are contained alcohol.

Cafe Royal 1200yen
This is known as French Emperor Napoleon's favorite coffee. Enjoy aroma of Calvados Berneroy VSOP, beautiful blue flame and great taste of Colombia Supremo. After enjoy the Blue flamed Brandied sugar, drop it into a cup and stir. Calvados Berneroy VSOP is rich and full-bodied with ripe apple flavour.

Irish Coffee 870yen
Hot darkness coffee with Irish whiskey (Bushmills), sugar and whipped cream.

Cafe Maria Theresia 870yen
Coffee with Cointreau (Orange-flavored liqueur), whipped cream and Konpeito (Japanese sugar candy).  Coffee and Orange flavor makes you relax.

Cafe La Orange 870yen
Dark roasted coffee with Cointreau, Japanese fresh Organic orange and a cinnamon stick.

*** Iced Coffee ***

Cafe Glace (Iced Coffee) 650yen
Dark roasted Mandarin only. Enjoy Full of aroma, softness texture, sweetness richness flavor.

Cafe Glace (Iced Coffee bitter - summer season limited) 650yen
Summer time only. This clean finished bitter taste coffee makes your parches throat cool down. Blended of dark roasted Brazil, Costa Rica and Double Ivy.

 Au Lait Glace (Iced Cafe Au Lait) 700yen
Two layered of sweetened milk and coffee which is darker and stronger than Demitasse that tastes and aroma are almost like liqueur. You can enjoy coffee and milk will be just together in your mouth if you would not stir.

Honey Cold 850yen
Canadian honey taste coffee with whipped cream. Good combination of sweetness of honey and bitter coffee.

☆The following Four items are contained alcohol.

Black Swan 920yen
Chocolate liqueur and brandy are added to mandarin coffee of French roast, and it is a variation coffee of cold alcohol with fresh cream. Please enjoy harmony of rich flavor and deep taste.

Cold Irish 920yen
Good harmony of strong coffee and Irish wiskey and cream.